New Film Score

I worked with Mighty Tripod Productions this past weekend on the score for their new short, “Karma Gettin’,” produced as part of the Seattle 48 Hour Film Project. Stay tuned for audio snippets.


Tomorrow we master the new Bad Things album at Black Belt Mastering in Seattle. We have taken our time to do it right and this album will be worth the wait, and hopefully cathartic after everything that has happened. It’s been a rough few years in Bad Things land. Remember this?

Mixing the new Bad Things album

After opening Ed Downloaded last night, I’m at Aleph Studios in West Seattle this morning putting the final mix on the forthcoming Bad Things album, due out this spring. This is the first album I have recorded on for the group and the cuts sound great. Stay tuned for the album release announcement.

Multiple controls for the single operator

I’m working on a show called Ed, Downloaded at Washington Ensemble Theatre. It’s a pretty straight forward sound design – a few tricks here and there. It’s also a two projector show, run from a booth with a single operator who is handling all light, sound and video cues. To make their life a little easier, […]