Frost/Nixon plays now through Saturday, February 17th, 2018. The production features an original score and extensive show control systems for live camera and video synchronization with audio playback.

Directed by Greg Carter
Strawberry Theatre Workshop at 12th Avenue Arts

Performances by:

Alexandra Tavares (David Frost)
Amy Thone (Richard Nixon)
Sarah Harlett (Jim Reston)
Ina Chang (Jack Brennan)
Rhonda J Soikowski (John Birt)
Anastasia Higham (Carolyn Cushing)
Meme Garcia (Bob Zelnick)
Amy Fleetwood (Swifty Lazar)
Mayme O’Toole

Designs by:
Reed Nakayama (Lighting and Video Design)
Catherine Cornell (Scenic Design)
KD Schill (Costume Design)
Kelsey Rogers (Properties Design)
Brendan Hogan (Original Music, Sound and Media Systems Design)

Tickets are available here

Samples from the score are available on the Work page. Examples of the show control scripting can be found at KreivaLabs.